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Shopping Cart Guide

When ordering there are two things to consider. One is sercurity and the other is usability. If a "Shopping Cart" site is not secure then users are not going to use the site, and the same goes for usability..

How does one know if a site is secure? This question is very important to the end user, and is simple to answer. If there isn't a locked pad lock at the bottom right hand corner of the browser, then the site is not secure. The pad lock should look something like the following picture:

Usability is the other issue, which will be explained step by step in the following lines.

  1. Select the Artifact Category of interest from the home page.
  2. Choose the Artifact of interest by clicking on the Artifact's picture.
  3. View the Details of the artifact of interest and then click on the add button.
  4. The view cart page is displayed, which gives both the price of the artifact and the shipping and handling for the artifact. There are also options here to delete an individual Artifact from the cart or clear the cart completely.
  5. If done shopping then click on submit.
  6. Fill in all the information with (*) beside the fields, and then click on submit.
  7. Here a prompt for a password is displayed, which e-mail address will be used as the username. Please type in a password and then re-type the password in the confirmation box.
  8. Then click on submit, then the last page will display the purchase information.

If you have anymore questions, then please e-mail the owner of this web site, which can be done by clicking on the Home Page and choosing the e-mail link.